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Health and Well-being –
meets convenience

Modern lifestyle can be quite hectic and stressful, leaving us with very little time to maintain our health. Our product aims to fill in the role by making it very easy and convenient for everyone to stay healthy and happy.

About Us

Learn how GC-06® came about and the difficulties we’ve been through to make this wonderful product.



Understand how this product can bring hydrotherapy and physiotherapy in such a small package to you.



Everything you need to know about our product, clarifying your queries and doubts on the usage of GC-06®.


What our customers say about us

I placed the nanocore near to my body for almost a week every night. I felt my backpain had reduced when I woke up every morning. Sometime my upper knee end stiff and after using GC-06 nanocore, the condition have improved. Drinking water from my 1 litre bottle with the nanocore have improved my past motion.

Peter Chiok (SXXXX086A), Crawford Lane SingaporeJune 2014

2013 when I was diagnosed with cancer, I am completely lost. And even after receiving a number of treatments instructed by the doctors, it did not give me a glimmer of hope. Fortunately, I came to know GC-06 from Mr.Chong. I started to have a much better understanding on how to manage and to keep my body healthy. I followed his instructions on diet therapy, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, psychological therapy. Now, my body has since been gradually recovering, thanks George, your professional and love brought me a new life.

Ong Han Ming (SXXXX890J), Windy Height SingaporeJune 2014

One day, I felt a little pain in my mouth, from mirror I could see there is a black spot, but I did not take it seriously. Two days later, the black spot have growth in size to that of a soybean, which shocked me and I do not know what to do. A friend recommended me to use GC-06 nanocore. I use one for my daily water consumption, and the other one which I placed it touching my cheek when I go to sleep. To my surprise, next morning when I woke up I discovered that the black spot in my mouth had disappeared. This product is so amazing, and it is true, it happened to me. I was even more surprised that this product is a Singapore R & D product, hence I would be happy to testify for more to benefit from it.

Tomas Koh (SXXXX437J), Telok Kurau SingaporeJuly 2014

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